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LinkedIn invitations to grow your business

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A new tool that facilitates the growth of the number of followers of the business page has been introduced by LinkedIn relatively recently. These are LinkedIn invitations that you can send to your personal contacts, encouraging them to follow the page you manage.

Interestingly, this feature first appeared in profiles with few contacts, probably to avoid massive spam. Thus, our content editor with 100+ contacts could already invite her friends, while our CEO with 1700+ had to wait 3 more months to test the new feature.

We have been using the tool for almost 3 months and we have managed not only to increase the number of followers of the HelloMrLead page, but also to learn how to use it 100%. But first, the results. We have increased the number of followers from 311 to 561, up to a total of 250 people.

5 useful tips for using LinkedIn invitations


  1. Credits. Each business pge has “credits” -100 per month- to exchange 1 credit for 1 invitation. When someone accepts your invitation, you get 1 credit back so you can use it again. You get your 100 credits renewed every last day of the month (May 31, June 30). The challenge is to invite the people who are likely to accept at the beginning of the month and leave the contacts who are less likely to be interested at the end of the month, when you are about to get 100 more credits. As you can see, if we have obtained 250 new followers in 3 months (x100 credits per month), we have been very successful with the strategy.
  2. The daily limit of invitations. In the beginning you could only invite 25 people per day, however, in June they have eliminated the limit (or something is wrong, since it would not be the first time).
  3. Manual task. Yes, you can do the search, however, when you type in “marketing”, you get 4-5 contacts, while in reality there are many more whose job titles include the world. Thereby, you have to do the manual scrolling. This has its disadvantages, since the list of contacts remains the same, and if you have crossed out many from the first part of the list, they will spend more time just to get to the undiscovered part. On the other hand, you are entertained and at the same time you are getting to know your professional network… Well, the latter is a lie, it is extremely boring to spend 10 minutes scrolling.
  4. Lack of automation. Right, it is the consequence of the previous point. Since you can’t set any target filter, you will be inviting people according to your personal criteria. The good thing is that if your company (as in the case of HelloMrLead) is dedicated to marketing, you will avoid spending valuable credits on those who are dedicated to “trade marketing”. And you also won’t lose your friend who does the same as you but has the position of “digital ninja” in the respective field. That is, improve the QUALITY of the invitations
  5. It does not affect engagement. Unfortunately, it is one thing to get people to talk to you and another thing to get them to read, comment and pay attention to you. If for the first you only need to have good contacts, reputation and patience, for the second you will have to make more effort with the quality of content, regularity of posting, automated promotion and other tricks that encourage followers to interact. Nevertheless, the first step -increasing the potential audience- you will do it.


In conclusion

LinkedIn invitations are a tool with the following characteristics:

  1. Free.
  2. Efficient.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Not overwhelming.
  5. Combined with a good content strategy and common sense it provides the greatest reach.


There is another post effect – above a certain number, the page will appear higher in searches and growth will be more organic and easier. What is this magic number? We don’t know yet, but we will keep you posted.

And remember: with great power comes great responsibility. =)

Do you already use this resource? Do you get good results?

Leave us a comment!


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