In HelloMrLead we have different clients and different documents that we often need to send them. Here is an example of our documents base and the one we normally share:

  • Copies to outbound campaigns to validate
  • Copies to pipedrive templates and other tracking tools
  • Presentations
  • Event information, webinars, offers, etc.
  • Reports
  • More reports
  • BBDD – Spreadsheets and charts
  • Blacklists, Whitelists
  • Leads with their scoring points and contact information


Updated logos, templates for the documents for this year’s holidays, new photographs, consignments of products and screenshots, collections of your providers, the videos of the launchment of your youtube or instagram strategie… We know: hundreds of visual materials that will improve your marketing campaigns. And to achieve the best results, there is nothing better than having all organised and to know where to find each file when it is needed.

Frankly speaking, in order to have everything organised, you need to be a perfectionist and organised person to search the information in the email mailbox. That is why everybody uses cloud services like dropbox or drive.

What options do you have in document management?

The most common online document storage solutions are:

  • Google Drive
  • DAM ( Digital Asset Management Software)
  • Otras soluciones a medida


Drive seems an easy and convenient solution, since it comes with every gmail account and you don’t need to have many usernames, passwords and programs. In addition, everybody knows the basics about using it.

On the other hand, it has many disadvantages:

  • The lack of role access. If the document has several editors it can be deleted by any of them.
  • Is a bit complicated to understand the whole program because it has an excess of functions.
  • The use of the internet is compulsory.
  • There is a lack of automation.
  • The readers are anonymous.


What is DAM?

DAM (digital assets management), is a broad process that stores, classifies and manages all the digital resources of a company. It is closely related with document management.

When a company manages a big volume of videos, logos, pictures and share documents in different supports, a DAM system is useful to keep under control all those materials and to make sure that they transmit a uniform image.

However, many companies are in that situation and they may need a DAM. The key of these systems is the automatisation of those materials, that makes it possible to save time and money and they erase the mistakes on the database, as well as sending the information to other channels, people or companies (commercials, salespersons, distributors, storage…).


  • Manage any volume
  • Makes easier the global work
  • Erase redundancies and lack of data
  • They guarantee a high security level, efficiency and privacy, key to letting in that tool all the information of a company. In addition, they include security copies, changes history and options to retrieve past data.
  • They save space.
  • They optimize the access to the information.


Recommended solution to document management:

Researching the market, we have found solutions to different types of organizations: agencies for visual marketing, design agencies, the own solutions of the big companies, PIMs (for physical products), etc. From our point of view, there is one between them all that is worth it.

ShareDoc View is an analytical solution yet easy and intuitive.

  • You can see who has seen the document.
  • It gives you information about how much time they have spent on each page.
  • You can obtain leads (emails of the people that have opened the link).
  • You can create different links for each type of public (each person or distribution channel) and delete them (with the access) in any given moment.
  • You can create files for your team, for your favourite documents, etc.
  • Security.
  • Competitive price


Other solutions for your management:

Libris is a library of images and videos more accessible and easy to use. The implementation is quickly and easy, and it admits personalization.

Cumulus is very useful for the teams that work with Adobe InDesign, especially in catalogue design, marketing materials, because it allows to directly connect files and templates from metadata of the base DAM with InDesign, WordPress, Dropbox and social media.

Webdam, from the company Shutterstock, is famous for its visual resources, payment means.

Brandfolder is a system that focuses on the categorization of the media assets depending on its use: for example, they can visualise the materials by segmentation of the market of one or several brands at the same time: population segments, age, interests…


In resume

There are different tools on the market for any company profile, and data management adapted to the volume of data and needs of small, medium or large companies.

Having a centralised and automatised database is the basic objective of any company that is starting to grow or that has been solidified. And to achieve that you do not need a big number of tools. According to the needs of your business, you can have access  to all the functionalities you need from one single platform.

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