In recent years, interactivity has come to companies as a breath of fresh air for customers. Thanks to this system, consumers feel closer to the company and at the same time have an improved user experience.

Active listening to customers is linked to success. That is why we advise you to implement interactivity in your business to enjoy that good customer-company relationship.

Interactive marketing must be present in your business strategy if you want it to be effective. Due to this technique you will achieve a higher engagement and optimize your marketing actions.

In addition, interactive marketing allows you to improve all stages of the sales funnel, from attraction to lead conversion. Although the objective of a company is to create leads, the consumer must feel that he is not just another customer.

For this we have interactive marketing that helps us to personalize the content of each user and thus make them feel special. The purpose of this strategy is to make the consumer interact with the brand, creating a perfect scenario for the conversion, nurturing and attraction of the user.

In short, this strategy is based on the central positioning of the customer to give him a feeling of inclusion in the company. This central positioning is achieved through interactivity and good business communication.

How to use interactive content on our website?

The main function of interactive marketing, as we have mentioned, is to maintain a better relationship with the customer. But, we can also apply this technique to different departments like the ones we are going to present below.


Data capture

Data intelligence is increasingly necessary and used in the business world. Data mining allows us to learn information about our customers, segment it and use it to provide consumers with the services and products they want.

What interactive marketing does is to drive those results to capture the attention of the public and get leads.


Leads nurturing

It’s not just about capturing consumer data, it’s about nurturing our customers with personalized and different content. By adding interactivity you give the customer another reason to consume your product or service.

To do this, we can use information of interest to the consumer through a format that is easy and convenient to understand, such as infographics or quizzes.


Customer loyalty

Once the consumer has gone through nutrition and acquisition, it is necessary to build customer loyalty so that they remain with us. It is important to maintain the relationship with the customer and send them valuable content throughout the process and at the end.

For example, a post-purchase questionnaire can help us to maintain the relationship with the consumer.


10 tools to implement interactivity


In order to implement interactive content, you may be helped by certain tools such as the ones mentioned below.


Interactive content trends

There are many trends in the world of interactive marketing. But a study conducted by Forrester highlighted the most important characteristics of consumers based on the interaction channels of companies.

  1. Good communication with the customer. This implies dedication on the part of the business team.
  2. Voice is the preferred form of communication among consumers as they feel more trust.
  3. Chat is becoming increasingly popular and its use is on the rise. Although it still lags behind voice, it is experiencing an increase.
  4. Although we can think of email as one of the least used methods. It is ranked number three and is also experiencing growth.
  5. Social networks are booming but it is in one of the lowest positions as a form of communication with the customer.

How to connect with the customer

Interactivity has come into our lives to stay. It is one of the elements that makes information easier to understand and helps us to understand tedious texts in a flexible way.

Digital advertising, newsletters, contests, quizzes, bots or apps are just some of the ways to implement interactivity in your company. Thanks to these points, users can feel that they are part of the business and that there is concern for them.

This strategy has numerous advantages such as customer satisfaction, increased sales, better conversion rate, virilization or lower marketing costs. If you decide to get on the interactivity train, you will need a lot of creativity and make a different product from the rest of the companies. Get up to date in interactivity and your customers will thank you for it!


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