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Why break up with a lead?

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Although it may seem contradictory, companies must break up with customers when they have no response. Despite being a potential lead  the company must be aware of the moment of breaking up with a consumer.

But how do we make this separation? It’s easy. With a breakup  email the problem will be solved and in this new article we explain how to do it.

What is a sales breakup email?

This email is a message that informs the customer that this will be the last form of contact with the company. This email may seem to be the wrong way to separate from a lead because if the lead does not answer the emails, he/she will not answer this last one either.

But, this sales breakup email is a way to say goodbye to the potential lead and end a relationship in the best possible way. This action can be a wake-up call for the consumer to realize what they are losing.

Is it worth sending?

There are several advantages to sending this mailing:


This email is followed by a series of steps that will cause the potential customer to go through a series of steps:

Unpleasant feeling

Desire to recover what was lost

To get back something they can no longer have

By going through these steps the consumer can rethink the situation and get back in touch with the company. If this does not happen, the company will have severed a relationship with the potential lead in a cordial and sensible way. This way, if the need to contact in the future arises, it will do so.

As everything in life has its downside. There are also disadvantages to sending this type of mailing.

Total rupture

When this break is made, the company will not be able to contact the lead again, not even after 6 months. In spite of having interesting promotions or offers, the company should not send any type of mailing since it said at the time that it would not do so.

In a study conducted by Woodpecker  in 2020 on lead breakage 20 million breakup emails were sent, in it we could see a response rate for campaigns with 1-3 emails sent of 9%. And for campaigns with 4-7 emails the rate was 27%.

The breakup can sometimes be very positive because it gives you more time to invest in customers who are interested. Here are some of the reasons why breaking off a relationship with leads can be positive:

0% customer open rate.

Indecision when signing a contract.

Sudden breakup with the company.

How to write it?

In this email we can not derive all our grudges, the leads do not owe us anything and we must be professional. Just be direct and concise, explain the reasons for the breakup and wish them the best. Here is the structure you should follow:

The important thing at the beginning is to write an effective and appealing subject line. This way we will catch the lead’s attention and he will at least read this last message as the following sentences: Goodbye from HML; Thank you from HML; It’s not you it’s me or It’s time to part ways.

The body of the message should be concise and brief, explaining the reasons for the separation. Here’s a good example from  Hubspot that you can reference:

“Hi, [lead’s name]:

I haven’t heard from you in a while.

We last spoke about your difficulties with [pain point] and how [offering] could help you [achieve a specific goal] during [specific time period].

Are you still interested in continuing our discussion? If not, let me know so I can stop contacting.

All the best to you,

[Your name].”


Mistakes to avoid

You should not send an accusatory or disappointing email. On the contrary, you should send it wishing the best and hoping that the lead will soon return to the company.

Keep the emotional side.

Be professional.

Do not blame the lead for anything.


Here are several templates that you can use when breaking up with a lead. This way, it will be easier for you to write it and you will waste less time in this task. The examples are from the Woodpecker platform.


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