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Use technology to grow, monitor and refine business processes


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Technology is increasingly connected with a good user experience, so the digital revolution has come to be necessary in everyone’s life. Adapt and how to live immersed in it? Know it in detail.

Digital transformation has become a necessity for businesses want to continue growing, companies with traditional models must adapt to new technologies to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic companies have undergone a huge digital transformation, this health crisis has resulted in a revolution in the sector.


  1. Technologies for your company. 
  2. Advantages of investing in technology. 
  3. Phases for digital transformation. 
  4. How to grow thanks to technological implementation? 
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation. 
  6. Essential technological tools in your company. 
  7. Some technological trends. 
  8. Digitalization in Spain. 
  9. Change in companies in recent years. 

1. Technologies for your company

There are many technologies that help companies relaunch their business and enter the digital world, here are some of the main ones:

  • Internet of things

This concept is based on the intelligence and independence of objects, that is everyday objects that surround us in our day to day connect with each other to improve the user experience. For example with custom messages.

  • Blockchain

Large data structures that are grouped into blocks, one of the best known structures are cryptocurrencies, thanks to this innovation companies can implement a new payment method.

  • Big Data

Thanks to Big Data companies can make decisions based on data, this type of information can serve the business to create patterns and profiles of their consumers.

  • Cloud computing

This system is used by many companies because it allows working in teams with shared information, speed, security and low cost are some of the advantages that you can benefit from.

  • Artificial intelligence

Voice recognition, machine learning or biometric applications are just some of the applications that artificial intelligence has, companies continue to innovate and looking for ways to apply it to their businesses and products.

  • Virtual reality

The recreation of scenes and scenarios is increasingly common and applicable to the business world, user experience is one of the key points that benefit from this factor.

  • Cybersecurity

The most important data at a global level are in the network, as well as data from companies of all kinds, it is necessary to protect this information from multiple threats.


In the period between 2019 and 2021, the implementation of this type of technology suffered a notable increase as we can see in the graph.

The adoption and adaptation of technologies to the company is increasingly developed resulting in more than 95% in internet of things or cloud computing.

2. Advantages of investing in technology

 Technology is increasingly important if you want your business to work, but in addition to being indispensable has great advantages that will make you decide to implement it, here are some examples:

  1. Training of employees.

Technological education is essential in your workers, so you can help your employees improve and with it, the progress of your company by developing tasks with better tools and results.

  1. Experience of the employee.

Once your professionals have the necessary knowledge to launch technological applications, they will gain in quality, flexibility and mental health, making the experience of working in the corporation pleasant.

  1. Customer experience.

This is one of the great advantages since technology provides positive elements to the user experience, this factor is one of the most beneficial as your customers will talk and return to you thanks to their positive perception.

  1. Access to innovative technology.

Technological applications provide facilities for companies and allow us to have access to new tools and information that we would not have been able to know before.

  1. Importance of DATA and security.

Data is the gold of the 21st century so having a good technological tool implemented will give you more cyber security, a must-have plus that your customers need with respect to their data.

3. Phases for digital transformation

 If you want to revolutionize your business through digital transformation, here are some steps you should start to project that transformation in the right way:

Step 1 – Manage the transformation.

Employees should be aware of the change that the company will experience, in addition, it may be necessary to hire companies or external workers to help us with this transformation.

Companies with expertise in technology or experience in digital transformation can be a relief when making this change.

Step 2 – Define the strategy.

Marketing automation will be essential in this step as it will help us automate projects or tasks and focus on more important elements to implement.

This means that we will have more time to analyze the objectives to be met and the strategy that will mark the whole business year.

Step 3 – Integrate technology.

To end the application of digital transformation it is important that all areas are connected and in this way, the combination of these will lead to the long-awaited digital transformation.

4. How to grow thanks to technology implementation?

It is clear that companies that are committed to technological innovation are the ones that experience the most growth, but how do we get this project going?

Below, we show you the steps to follow according to a study conducted by Accenture, to do this, you must take into account these three areas:

  1. Platform
  • How?: You can launch technological systems such as the cloud or artificial intelligence.
  • Why?: This type of technology makes the difference with other business competitors.
  • Where to start?: The first thing you need to do to use this platform is to migrate all your information, so it will be much easier for you to start working.
  1. Approach
  • How?: We must encourage innovation mainly.
  • Why: If the innovation budget is used solely to maintain the resources we already have, there will be no growth.
  • Where to start: Look for investments that are suitable for our company.
  1. Scope
  • How?: Drive technology in every department of your company.
  • Why?: For this, you can train your professionals in the technological field and in the long term you will see enormous benefits.
  • Where to start: Use technology to grow both your business and your product.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation

As we have seen, digital transformation can help you grow and create a modern and innovative company. However, everything has its pros and cons, so here are the advantages and disadvantages that digital transformation could bring in your business:


6. Essential technological tools in your company

Task manager

Thanks to this type of tools it will be easier for you to organize the departments of your company and even, within this each will record the tasks that you must do, what you have done and what you are doing.

It is very useful to take control of your business, some of these tools are: Trello, Evernote, Hubspot, Asana or Clockify.

CRM customer management

This program allows the management of customer relations, as detailed in an article by HelloMrLead about CRM is a very useful tool that will help you avoid tedious tasks and optimize time.

Some of them are: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or PipeDrive.

Human resources management

Factorial is one of the best applications for human resources management, thanks to it you can see what days each employee has worked, how many hours and even who is on vacation.

Communication between workers

With the pandemic telematic communication is increasingly necessary, many employees work from home so one of the best applications for it is Slack.

Thanks to this tool you can communicate with all employees of the company, make a phone call and even create groups of departments to communicate with each other.

Zoom or Google Meet can also be a great choice for daily meetings.

Invoicing and business administration

For the economic management of the company you also have several tools that will make you the most bearable work, some that can help you are: Facturascloud, FacturaDirecta, BitFactura or Quipu.

Social media management

Nowadays social networks are one of the most important areas of the company, so it is important to have a presence on the web. To do this, there are some programs that will help you upload content such as: Metricool, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

7. Some technological trends

Technology always advances in favor of trends, so here we tell you some main where the customer, continues to be the epicenter of all strategy, some of them are:

  1. Autonomy

Most companies already have technology that provides the customer the possibility to solve their problems together with a virtual assistant or perform their management online without human.

  1. Hyperpersonalization.

Personalization has been the order of the day in recent years, but this is no longer enough, now it is necessary to anticipate the needs of consumers.

The main objective of businesses is to attract, highlight a product and retain the customer to make a purchase, but with technology is sought to be more effective every day.

  1. Omnichannel commitment.

The existence of the personal environment is necessary as the virtual environment, so they must connect and offer all possibilities to the consumer.

There are still customers who are reluctant to digital interaction so the company must also offer this possibility.

Like this option, younger people prefer the use of computers due to its speed, there is the need to live between both options.

  1. The data, the king of the company.

As we have explained before, Big Data is one of the most forward-looking technologies since information is power, once the company knows in depth its audience knows what it should offer and what needs.

8. Digitization in Spain

 According to the latest report of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) carried out by the European Commission on the year 2020, Spain in recent years has been rising in the ranking of technological implementation.

It stands out above all in connectivity since it is in third place, however, human preparation is conspicuous by its absence since only 3.8% of professionals are considered ICT specialists.

The digitization of companies is another factor to improve since they rank 16th out of 27, the use of cloud computing, Big Data management or artificial intelligence are minority in most companies.

The DESI puts companies below the European average in terms of the use of eCommerce, 10% of Spanish companies have online channel compared to 12% of the European average.

The companies with the highest digitization belong to the information and communication sector, in the second place we find the hotel sector and finally the travel agencies.

Both SMEs and large and medium-sized enterprises enable the worker to have a device with internet access for business use.

Another factor that is implanted in companies is the Internet of Things (IoT) because it is not linked to a specific sector but adapts to most of them.

9. Change in companies in recent years

As we have seen, digitization is increasingly necessary if we want our company to be on the same level as the competition. Spain has a high percentage of digitization, but there is still a long way to go.

This is a difficult transformation to do if your company does not have any digitization, but it is worth it if you want to grow in your sector and position yourself as one of the most innovative businesses with respect to the competition.

The 2019 marked a before and after in the business world, tools that communicate to workers are increasingly needed; that automate easy tasks to do or have found on the internet an ally to grow.

For all these reasons, if your company does not yet have the necessary digitization it is important to get started, since there are multiple ways to take the step and implement the technology in your business.

If you are an SME that has not yet digitized your company get going and take the first steps towards technology that will change your life.

If instead, you are a medium or large company and already has the necessary technology, bet on innovation and you will see the positive results you get by positioning yourself in the market as one of the best businesses among the competition.

Do you want personalized advice on technological tools that empower your company? Contact us. 


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