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The strategy and organization of a B2B newsletter step by step


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This article we want to address the structure of the newsletter by reviewing all the elements that should not be missing in its composition. This is the way of working that we have developed in HelloMrLead and that we have proven that it works to provide a truly differentiating content. We hope that with these simple tips you will also achieve your goals. Will you join us? 

Create the editorial calendar for your newsletter

In order to be able to schedule shipments and have coherence between them, the organization is a fundamental piece. You can design a table that includes the essential data that will help you develop the rest of the content. In this sense, they should not miss the date of sending to maintain the periodicity, the subject of the mail and the title, which should try to transmit the values that we have previously defined, as well as the theme of the posts or lead magnets that we want to send to our databases. We recommend that your calendar include at least three months and take into account dates such as Christmas, Easter or holidays in each city.

Segment the databases

We mentioned that when writing the newsletter, one of the steps we should not forget was the definition of our databases according to the characteristics of the company, its size and the territory in which it operates. We made a classification in which we differentiate former customers, current customers, potential domestic customers and potential international customers.

Segmenting a database is essential for a campaign to be effective, as it helps identify the customers and sectors you’re targeting, detect which sections react most positively to shipments, and which messages generate the most interaction. When carrying out this action, it is important to take into account geographical and demographic information, the roles that each person plays in their job or the quality of the information that you have.

The tools that can be used when carrying out this action are very varied and some of the names that you will hear the most are Sales Navigator, Findthatlead, Snovio, uProc and We want to highlight these last two as they are the most used by the HelloMrLead Lead Prospecting team. With uProc it is possible to extract corporate emails, being very useful for outbound and database enrichment. Its main advantage is its optimization by being able to work automatically without previous programming and reducing the time that a worker would have to invest when looking for field by field., meanwhile, has a similar performance to the previous one, with the difference that it is an extension of Google Chrome.

Choose your tools

Before moving on, it’s important to select some of the tools you’ll work with to build your newsletter launch. At this point you will have to consider some of the following elements:

  • Platform with which you will work: there is a great variety so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. At HelloMrLead we highlight the features of Sendinblue, Benchmark and Moonsend.
  • Mail from which you will launch shipments: it is important that it is corporate and must always be the same so that it is recognizable by your contacts and transmits confidence.


Define the structure of your newsletter

Once this is done, it’s time to consider the structure of your newsletter. As we have already highlighted a few lines above, it is important that all your submissions have a consistency so that with a simple glance the reader is able to identify the sender. Here, design and visual appearance play a key role in making the newsletter a coherent extension of your brand. When defining your structure do not forget to include the following 5 elements:

  • Headboard:

It’s your ID because it’s the first thing the person who opens the email is going to find. It should always be the same and can include an image with the company logo.

  • Typography and brand image:

It must always be the same for it to be recognizable and it is important that it resembles as much as possible the aesthetics that you maintain on your website, social networks and the rest of your audiovisual content. The colors you use are also important for them to act as a corporate element by respecting your visual identity.

  • Visual elements:

Nowadays it is really easy to obtain professional photographs thanks to the image banks that we have at our disposal. However, it does not only serve to include a photo as we found it. First, it is advisable that all the visual elements have a harmony, and also that each one of the images is optimized according to criteria such as its dimensions, the size and weight of the same, the name of the file or the ALT attribute.

  • Text:

Written content should be created in its right measure without overloading the space. In this sense, it should be able to include keywords and convey the main ideas as well as the objectives set in the first phase of defining the structure. To be able to expand it it is possible to include buttons with links to “read more” in the case of posts or “download” for lead magnets. Also, do not forget that the way of writing also has to be in tune with the rest of your communications.

  • Unsubscribe or unsubscribe link:

When we make a submission we never want to lose subscribers. However, it is essential that all newsletters contain the option in a simple and convenient way, which in addition to being in line with the legislation brings confidence.

Analyze your results

If you have reached this point it means that your newsletter has been sent successfully and now it is time to analyze the results obtained. As we explained in the first part of this post, which you can consult in our blog, the definition of metrics, KPI’s and goals will help you to check if you have achieved the objectives set. The tool you use to launch the shipment provides you with some important data such as the number of recipients your email has reached, which will give you a response to the quality of your database, the number of people who opened the message and how many decided to click on the newsletter. It is also possible to check how many subscribers have decided to unsubscribe.

When doing this analysis, we will also be able to check which device -mobile, desktop or tablet- our readers use and find out if this conditions my strategy to act accordingly. This data, far from being insubstantial information, is key to check which messages attract the most attention, which content is better received and where people go once they click on any part of the content, which we will be able to use when planning the next shipments.


We have a present for you!

You’re ready to launch the strategy and organization of your B2B newsletter. And that’s not all. If you tell us your email in the comments of this post we will send you a totally free checklist for a perfect B2B newsletter.

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