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SPAM words list

spam words list

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Outbound marketing is a science in continuous evolution and it is important to be updated with new trends and technologies that can help or hinder your work. One element to consider are the words SPAM. Surely you have seen that many emails from your inbox arrive in this folder but what does it mean and why is it so important.

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Our goal is to educate users about the configuration of sending techniques, the dangers of buying an email list and the use of words that trigger SPAM. But why do some words trigger SPAM filters?

Bad practices

Several years ago when email marketing started to develop, some marketers decided to scam people through emails, do you remember the Nigerian prince? Like this one, there were and still are several scams on the Internet. Elaborate messages that have the objective of obtaining money from Internet users. At the beginning many people took these messages seriously, so they looked for a way to protect people against spammers. One of the measures was to block email addresses that used specific vocabulary in their text and that is how the SPAM list was born.

It is important to know about this topic because the vocabulary contains many basic marketing words, insurance services, real estate agencies, accounting. You can find yourself blocked by a phrase like “my agency helps small local brands to increase traffic”.

SPAM words affect every part of the message

No part of the email is immune to SPAM-activating vocabulary. From the text, the layout, even an email signature or subject line. That’s why it’s important to test your email account with Mail-Tester tools.

Let’s analyze an email by its parts so you can know which elements to pay attention to

Subject line

It’s the first thing a potential customer sees. The best subject lines are short and relevant. They should also be intriguing enough for the reader to open the message. However, sometimes the intriguing part is overdone and SPAM filters are triggered instead of recipients. Therefore, a message is marked as SPAM.

What are typical stop words in a subject line?

Promotion, best offer, free, sales, sales, access, more website visits … + any number or percentage, such as “10 minutes, 5 times, 10 ideas, etc.”



It is made up of the first few lines of a message. Usually, we tell our prospect why we are contacting them, how we found their contact information, etc. However, some words we put in the introduction can direct our email directly to the spam folder.

What are typical stop words in an introduction?


Value proposition

This is the part where we propose the value that our product or service brings to the reader. Sometimes we feel compelled to demonstrate our value by quoting attractive figures, but numbers and percentages are the worst when it comes to deliverability. They are often the culprits that our message doesn’t get through. So, if you want to give some data perhaps it’s best if you do it during the call. For now, be nice with your value proposition.

What are typical stop words when writing the value proposition?

Affordable, double, drastically reduced, win, cash, free consultation, instant, web traffic, more website visits, best rates, %, #1, $, 100% free, 100% satisfied, etc.


Call to Action

CTA is an email component that aims to prompt the recipient to take action from your message, whether it’s a response, scheduling a call or having coffee together. Like any part of the email, it can lead you to the SPAM folder.

What are typical stop words in CTAs?

Guaranteed, free, apply, apply, buy, act, click, now, extra, etc.


Email signature

The signature usually tells the recipient who you are, where you work and how to contact you. Unfortunately, it can also trigger SPAM filters.

What are typical stop words in an email signature?

Subscribing, clicking, visiting our website, marketing, etc + any number such as a phone number or zip code or excessive use of links


Words implying free of charge 100% free, free access, free gift, free gift, free call, free investment, free installation, free hosting, free money, free money, free call, free call, free investment, free installation, free hosting, free money
Words denoting discount best price, 50% off, save up, special promotion, for only, discount, rebates, bargain, offer, compare prices, eliminate your debt, lower price, lower interest rate, save, why pay more?
Words that induce purchase / action buy, buy direct, we accept credit cards, click here, click this link
Words referring to recipient’s profit earn money, earn extra money, extra income, additional income, buy money, credit, financing, earn, earn, earn, income, increase sales, full refund, additional income, cash prizes, big winnings, check/bank transfer, win per week, total profit, actual profit
Words that express exhilaration wonderful, amazing, incredible, amaze you, your eyes won’t believe it, awesome values
Words that create a sense of urgent urgency, now, do it now, call now, sign up now, take advantage today, can’t live without, get it now, do it today, instant access, start today, once in a lifetime, what are you waiting for, make the decision now, for a limited time, priority mailing
Trust-building words no risk, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, 100% satisfied, seen on TV, all-natural, cancel anytime, confidentiality, guarantee, secure, join millions of people, in accordance with the laws, satisfaction guaranteed, this is not spam
Excessive personalization for you, dear friend, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, you have been selected, you have won
Words related to sex or relationships sex, hot, enlargement, meet singles
Words referring to medications or drugs online pharmacy, medicine, viagra, vicodin, levitra, valium xanax, herbs, hormones, lose weight, reverse aging
Words implying job benefits be your own boss, work from home, cash for your job
Words related to digital marketing online marketing, increased internet traffic, direct marketing, email marketing, new domain extensions
Others  casino, do not delete, foreign, copy DVDs
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