What is SEO?

Surely you have heard of SEO to achieve the best positions in Google. This is one of the main goals of companies because if they are among the first searches they will get more visits and more clicks. This translates into sales or increased online reputation.

But, this is a long process that is not achieved in two days, for this you need a well-defined marketing strategy and a lot of knowledge in this area. If you still do not know the ins and outs of online positioning, this white paper is of interest to you.

Search Engine Online, or as we all know it, SEO, is a process based on techniques, strategies and disciplines of optimization of our website to improve positioning and, therefore, the purchase of products or obtaining more leads in our company.

Nowadays, most of the population knows about new businesses thanks to the Internet and this is where the so desired positioning comes in. If we have a good position in search engines, customers will find our website more quickly and will lead to an increase in the volume of business and visibility of this.

The marketing sector has been implementing these strategies for years thanks to the good results it offers and the growth it implies with respect to the competition. A marketing strategy based on achieving a better positioning, will obtain a greater growth of the brand.

In addition, through this system we can select the image we want to transmit to the world depending on the needs of our consumers. Positioning will help us to launch an excellent brand image, reputation and corporate image.



As you can see, the importance of this process is paramount when launching your website and during its active time. Here are some essential elements when it comes to positioning yourself in search engines:

  • Originality and distinction from competitors.
  • Transmit the values of the company.
  • Always look for profitability through the analytical measurement of factors related to web positioning.
  • Added value through SEO.




The crawling, indexing of information and publication are key factors when it comes to obtaining a better position on your website. If you still do not believe that this type of strategy works for your company, here are some reasons why you should implement organic positioning in search engines.

  • Visitor attraction

This factor is linked to the creation of valuable content in which users can find the information they are looking for. If you offer relevant information related to your user’s needs, there is no doubt that you will get more visits and a greater impact on networks.


  • Obtain future sales

If you are known among the public, it is natural that consumers turn to your website to find other products they need. Above all, if during the purchase the web has transmitted confidence and security, your page will be one of the first to consult.


  • Differentiation from the competition

Thanks to a good strategy in networks, excellent positioning and the transmission of brand values, consumers will appreciate that your company is different from the rest. Therefore, they will turn to you before the rest. The important thing is to always keep in mind what we want to transmit, thinking about the consumer and his needs, and if we also have a good positioning on the web, we will have it all.


  • Education of your community.

One of the great advantages that stand out in web positioning is the sale of more products, but it is not the only one because thanks to the content you create or the products you sell you can teach them some criteria to take into account during their purchase.


  • Presence in the customer’s mind

Unconsciously, when the user maintains a relationship with the company, either by previous purchase or by visibility on the web, at the moment he wants to make a purchase, your company will be present in his mind. This is one of the first results that we will obtain if we have a good web positioning.


Type of result

On the web you will not only find brands that have created their page, there are three types of results that you can obtain:


  • Ads.

They are usually a maximum of four ads with the tag “ad”. This technique is implemented through SEM (Search Engine Marketing), for the promotion of content. The company that wants this first position in the search engines will have to participate in an auction to obtain it, in spite of being the first position only has a click rate of 2.8%.


  • Highlighted fragments.

This type of element is called zero position since it is one of the most demanded. It consists of the appearance of the answer to the search performed in the search engine. The position can be reached if the answer is perfectly adapted to the search performed.


  • Organic results.

This type of results are the ones we are dealing with in this white paper. They correspond to the web pages that the search engine considers that can satisfy the needs of the person who performs the search. In order to obtain the first positions in the search engine, multiple factors must be taken into account, which we will tell you about below.

The click rate in this type of results is 60%, especially if you are among the first positions of the search.


What does positioning depend on?

There are a number of aspects to take into account when positioning your website. Here is a list:


  • Content quality.

One of the main elements to take into account is the quality of the content. Search engines are very aware of this point because they are not only attentive to factors such as bold or links but also the information you disseminate is essential to obtain a good positioning.


  • SEO techniques.

The title, the meta description or the CTR are just some of the factors that will help you improve your SEO.


  • On-page SEO.

If you establish a good content strategy, use both internal and external links and the speed of your website is good, you may achieve a good position among search engines.


  • Time of permanence.

If you manage to keep the user on your website, this will be one of the elements that will increase your positioning on the web.


  • Click-through rate.

The clicks on our website are also important to compare it with the number of purchases and thus, see if our website is attractive enough or know what the failure is.


  • Bounce rate.

This rate can be obtained in web analytics programs that will help us to determine the errors, the components that work correctly.


  • Social networks.

The networks nowadays are a main factor in any company. If your content is attractive and useful it will be shared and users will share it, this is also a way to make yourself known and, in addition, improve your web positioning in search engines.


  • Domain name.

This factor will depend on the quantity and quality of links to your brand that are present on other websites.


On-page SEO variables

As we have mentioned before, on-page SEO is one of the factors to take into account if you want to improve your positioning, so here are the components that are within this variable:

  • Structure.

The structure also determines the position of your website. If you want to obtain a good positioning you must write your information in a concise, clear and coherent way. Internal and external links are key in this step.

  • HTML code.

This step may seem one of the most complicated if you have no knowledge of programming language. But, it is essential to obtain a good position since the search engines will consult it when indexing your web in the search engines.

  • Authority.

If your website is related to other websites that have good positioning, your brand will gain visibility and you will move up in the search engine.




  • Identify buyer persona.

One of your objectives and priorities should be to determine your buyer persona. If you don’t know who you are targeting, you won’t know what content to create and what strategy you should follow. In this way, you will attract an expert audience and thus generate greater conversion opportunities.


  • Value content.

The content value will be based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Technology: it depends on the SEO configuration of your website.
  • Relevance: depends on the quality of the content.
  • Authority: depends on the external mentions to your website.


As you can see the content has several aspects to take into account, it is also one of the most important elements when indexing a page, so you should always try to create relevant and informative content for your users.

  • Keywords.


Surely you have heard of keywords, this component is of great relevance for the indexing of the web. Depending on the type of content you publish you will have to choose some keywords or others.

There are different types of keywords:

  • By search intent:
    •      Informative. Example: How to use keywords?
    •      Navigational. Example: HelloMrLead.
    •      Transactional. Example: B2B Sales Course.
  • By search volume:
    •      Head Tail. Example: Leads.
    •      Middle Tail. Example: Getting leads.
    •      Long Tail. Example: Ways to get leads.


  • Optimize pages and content.

This section is focused on all the actions you can perform from your website to get a better positioning and thus help the Google algorithm to interpret our content. Here are the main factors to take into account to optimize your website:

  • URL.
  • Meta title.
  • Meta description.
  • Heading tags.
  • Images with alt text.
  • Keyword volume.
  • F-shaped scanning.
  • Placement of the most important information according to the eye scan.


  • Organizing content.

Content classification can be another factor that helps your positioning. By means of topic clusters, the user will be able to identify the key elements and thus get an idea of the information. In addition, they are a way to provide the user with clarity when reading. They are divided into the following elements:

  • Core topic.
  • Pillar page.
  • Subtopics.


  • Semantic SEO.

Google has become a very intelligent search engine, not only evaluates the content to position it, but it is able to interpret our natural language with spelling mistakes, jargon or colloquial language.

Therefore, you should use semantic SEO to guess the keywords that the user will use and thus improve your position.


  • Off-page SEO authority.

As we have mentioned authorship is essential for the web to be well indexed, if Google sees that your website is mentioned and linked in other websites, it will classify it as a trusted website. With this you will gain positions on your website, but how should you do it? Here is the answer:

  • Backlink generation strategy.
  • Branding and getting mentions.
  • Social networks.
  • Public relations.


  • Technical SEO.

The last pillar to review is the technical SEO, technology plays a key role in this element. If you want to improve it you should consider the following:

  • Responsive.
  • Loading speed.
  • Broken links.
  • Structured data.


  • Core Web Vitals.

There are several facets to take into account, all of them related to the user experience on the web.

  • Largest Contentful Paint: Loading speed of the main content.
  • First Input Delay: How long it takes for a website to become interactive.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: Loading time from one page to another.


  • Avoid Black Hat SEO.

The creation of empty content for the sake of getting a better position is penalized by Google. Its algorithm analyzes all these aspects to take into account and if it finds any bad practice it penalizes it. If you want to be well positioned we advise you to avoid the following practices:

  • Empty or superficial content.
  • Clickbait.


Organic vs. paid positioning

These two practices have the same purpose: to stay in the top positions of search engines. The difference? The organic positioning is obtained in a natural way through the techniques explained above.

With it, you will obtain a long-lasting positioning and a greater visibility and impact on the user. Paid positioning, on the other hand, is the one in which the company hires Google Ads and pays to appear in the first positions.

This will only be stable during the months of payment, so this form is not recommended since it will not remain over time. In addition, if a positioning is obtained in a natural way, we can incentivize this growth through paid SEM strategies and thus obtain greater visibility.


Top positioned brands

Getting a good positioning, as you can see, is a complicated process, but with perseverance and hard work it can be achieved. Many multinational companies have achieved top positions in search engines.

Below, you have a list of the companies that in 2021 have positioned themselves among the best in terms of reputation and image worldwide. Lego, Rolex and Ferrari are in the top 3.



The importance of organic SEO is growing in these times when we are continuously connected to the internet. Thanks to the explained techniques you will be able to obtain a better position in the search engines and with this a higher visibility of your business.

It is not only about getting a better position, this can mean a greater knowledge of your business, exponential growth or creation of a legion of loyal followers. With this, your brand will be able to continue investing its time in the product or service it offers, since the most important thing is to focus on the needs of the consumer.

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