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Neuromarketing: How much does it affect your purchases?


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Google recently published a study on the first impression of websites, according to this study, the subconscious is responsible for up to 95% of the process of buying a product.

Practically all people decide which particular product to buy through the sensations that the experience generate, so it is time to get this experience in our favor.  

Knowing this, it is time to consider how to get this subconscious to take our side and the way to achieve it is through neuromarketing.

This type of marketing uses our brain’s reactions to certain stimuli to mark which actions and elements have the most influence on our purchase process. 

Drawing strategies based on this system will help us position ourselves in the online market or increase our sales.

For this we must take into account elements such as the design of our website, images and text, the shipment of our products and all the actions that involve being on our website. 

The design for neuromarketing

Designing your website is one of the things that most affect your sales subconsciously. Actually, subconsciously and consciously.

An unpleasant design, little care or incorrect will not really motivate the purchase, no matter how good your product is, a bad design generates distrust and a sign of poor reliability.

At the subconscious level, one of the things that affects us most without realizing it is the colors. For online commerce, light colors are the kings.

Many companies use dark colors, and in some cases they work, but by analyzing it from a neurological point of view, light colors have a greater acceptance and confidence.

Another element to consider in neuromarketing are the images, of course you must use quality images and look professional.

A badly made photograph, without quality, blurry, etc. generates distrust and in our mind the thought that this is a bad product. Choose good images, where the product looks good. 



The text and its relation with the subconscious

The text is extremely useful to explain everything we offer as a brand, our experience, who we are, our voice and promotions, so here are some tips to make your site have more friendly texts: 

  1. Simplify, that your texts do not tire. Unconsciously if we see that it is complicated or long, our brain will not want to read it, we prefer to spend that time looking for another option.
  2. Avoid using poorly structured or unsightly texts, the text in addition to providing information serves to support the image, but if we do wrong will have the opposite effect.
  3. The text should describe the product well, but be sure to make it short, clear and simple. Adding items as a list with features will help you be clear and visually more enjoyable text.
  4. Use the right writing rules, don’t make spelling mistakes, adjust letter sizes, line spacing, etc. Formatting is essential in neuromarketing.

Foster neural connection with sending

One of the first concerns of customers is shipping and returns, so being clear and brief about this will help them feel transparency and clarity on your website. 

Explain your policy on this subject, as well as the operation of shipments in your company, clearly reflects how to return the product if necessary, when it will arrive and through which courier company. 

For a good neuromarketing strategy, packaging is also very important, many companies do not pay attention to this, but the package received remains part of the experience. 

The packaging is very important because it helps, and a lot, customer loyalty, it is not the same to receive a flat cardboard box to have a textured and marked with the name. 

When it comes to content, it’s important to appeal to your customers’ senses and feelings. For example, you can report that the materials with which the box has been made are sustainable, add some type of discount coupon, a personalized label thanking your customer for their purchase, some element that provides a pleasant smell, and anything else you can think of.


Emotions as key to neuromarketing

At the subconscious level certain elements such as images, sounds, textures, smells or flavors awaken in us concrete feelings, your brand must be associated with feelings.

For example, don’t you feel nostalgia and love when you smell the smell of your grandparents’ home? Or when you see a toy you played with as children? It begins to evoke emotions. 

This is not easy, it requires more imagination but there are certain parameters that can help us generate what will promote our sales and that will mark the seal of our brand: be more creative.

In this case good marketing is essential to achieve this you must conduct advertising campaigns that convey the identity of the company, its values and the feelings or emotions that your customers will get if they buy to you.

Let’s look at three examples depending on each of them:             

  • Identity: we can see the case of the Apple brand, specifically its slogan “Think differently”. This slogan is easily recognizable and perfectly sums up the image the company wants to give of itself. 
  • Values: to transmit values we will see the case of Netflix. This company is famous for its transgressive and committed advertising. It uses these values to attract the attention and loyalty of a specific audience, target transgressor, progressive and with social concerns.
  • Sensations and emotions: to exemplify the transmission of sensations and emotions we will think about the ads of the brand Goiko. They transmit on the one hand the pleasant feeling of eating their products and the emotion of enjoying with loved ones while showing the prominence of their products immersed in it.


Have you ever thought about this?, when comparing two brands pay attention to colors, texts or emotions that generate you or make your purchases based on relational data? We want to know your opinion! Leave us your answer or your doubts in the comments section and we will answer you right away.

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