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Learning, teleworking as a great opportunity to adapt to your workers.


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Having your collaborators in person is not a vital requirement when working effectively and today we’ll see how to develop your learning properly. 


Development of distance learning.

A. Power skills

  1. Teamwork and communication.
  2. Leadership and administration.
  3. Productivity and collaboration.
  4. Personal development and well-being. 

B. Techniques and tactics.


The pandemic has changed the way of working in all sectors, this is a fact, telework or hybrid format are a reality that has come to stay.

In this new article, based on a new study by Udemy, we show you all the changes that have been experienced in the workplace, the skills that have been demanded and the learning of each of them.

The search for productivity has been a difficult path due to this new way of working, this change has left its mark on many employees as they have had to adapt to this new challenge.

It was evident that 9 out of 10 executives claim that their workers face large skill gaps and expect them to develop skills in the coming years.

The commitment of employees is essential when strengthening the company, so that this feature remains intact the big bosses must encourage investment in their employees.

In addition, if workers feel this entrepreneurial spirit, they will continue to be trained and learn what it will mean for the company to have the best talents with the skills increasingly demanded.

Investing in workforce development, increasing productivity, commitment and business satisfaction, this is why you should focus on your employees and get great results.

Development of distance learning in teleworking

A. Power skills.

According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, it does not matter what sector you are working in, the geographical area you are in or the occupation, since each employee of the company must have these characteristics:

  • Working in a digital environment.
  • Adapt to change.
  • Add value to work beyond what machines can do.

The growth of telework has highlighted four elements that are necessary in your business:

  1. Teamwork and communication

Zoom was the preferred platform during 2020, this application was central to the development of teamwork. It gains more and more strength in the workplace as it allows to keep in touch with colleagues despite the distance.

Microsoft Teams was another application that had more use in 2021, the interest in strengthening relationships and teamwork results in increased use in these applications, the best skills of 2021 were:

Source: Undemy

  1. Leadership and administration

These skills are increasingly in demand regardless of whether the person has leadership ambitions or not.

Thanks to the development of this feature employees are able to overcome obstacles along the way, here we leave you the top skills in 2021 in the field of leadership and administration:

Source: Undemy

  1. Productivity and collaboration in teleworking

This is one of the most important characteristics because due to telework we tend to think that it descends significantly, for this, it is important to always keep in mind the collaboration with the team despite the place in the world where we are.

Computer work as we can see, is fundamental to the development of this skill, in this area have grown different skills as shown below:

Source: Undemy

  1. Personal development and well-being

Personal and professional life today are intertwined, so it is important that the company takes care of the professional so that they have a broader personal development and feel more eager to grow in the world of work.

The most developed skills in this area are:

Source: Undemy


B. Techniques and tactics

As we mentioned above, 2021 has meant large-scale business growth due to the number of obstacles that were presented along the way.

This has led to the development of qualitative skills such as those we have told you in the previous section.

In addition to this development, the commitment to the technological world is growing due to its business applications and the benefits obtained from it.

This list lists the sectors in which the company has experienced greater development and benefited.

  • Business intelligence
  • Design and user experience
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human talent management
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Sales and customer experience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science
  • Cloud computing
  • IT operations
  • Software development

No matter what kind of skills your employees have in mind to improve, the essential thing is to focus on a specific field, this will have its results in the company.

The internal learning culture is one of the elements that should encourage the business in its employees.

Every worker must be able to identify existing skill gaps and solve them proactively and immediately, this task will have enormous benefits in the company and in the professional development of the worker.

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