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Integrating external sources into CRM: Maximizing analysis and strategy

External Sources into CRM

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Continuing our series on optimizing the use of CRM, in this article we will dive into how integrating external data sources can enrich our analysis and strategies. CRM platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce not only allow us to analyze internal data, but can also be integrated with external tools to provide a broader and more complete view.

1. Google Trends: Understanding Market Popularity

Why integrate with CRM

Google Trends shows the popularity of search terms over time. By integrating it with your CRM, you can identify emerging trends and adapt your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

How it works with Hubspot and Salesforce

Both platforms allow integration through APIs and marketplace applications, allowing you to visualize Google Trends data along with lead and customer data.

2. Google Analytics: Analyzing Web Traffic and User Behavior

Powering Analytics with Traffic Data

Integrating Google Analytics with your CRM provides you with information about how visitors interact with your website before they become leads or customers. This can help you understand and improve the customer journey.

Hubspot and Salesforce integration

Both CRMs offer easy integrations with Google Analytics. This allows sales and marketing teams to access valuable web traffic data directly in their CRM dashboards.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Strengthening Prospecting and B2B Relationships

The Connection Between Social Media and CRM

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for B2B prospecting. By integrating it with your CRM, you can enrich lead profiles with LinkedIn information and track interactions with key accounts.

The Synergy with Hubspot and Salesforce

Both Hubspot and Salesforce offer apps and plugins that enable seamless integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, providing teams with a 360° view of contacts.

4. Other Valuable Integrations

Marketing Automation Tools

Platforms like Marketo, Pardot and Mailchimp can connect to your CRM to improve email marketing campaigns and segmentation.
Customer Service Solutions

Integrating tools like Zendesk or ServiceNow allows for more effective tracking of customer requests and issues.

Integrating external data sources into your CRM expands insight, improves analytics and enhances your business strategy. Modern CRM platforms, such as Hubspot and Salesforce, offer a robust ecosystem for these integrations, allowing B2B companies to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digitized and data-driven world.

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