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Understanding B2B Product Marketing Features, Benefits and Results

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Within the B2B Product Marketing universe, where SEO plays an essential role, it is vital to distinguish between features, benefits and results. This differentiation not only improves communication with customers but can also boost search engine performance.

What are Features, Benefits and Results?

Before delving deeper, it is essential to establish a clear definition of these terms:

Feature: Refers to a specific function or attribute of a product or service. It is the “what” behind what you are offering.

Benefit: It is the “why” behind the feature, i.e., what the customer gets from that feature.

Outcome: It is the “what for” or the ultimate impact the customer will experience after using the product or service.


The Importance of Distinction

Feature alone rarely sells a product. For example, if you sell software with “256-bit encryption,” that’s a feature. But what does that mean to your customer, and why should they care? That’s where the benefits and results come in.

Let’s say that software protects the customer’s data. That’s a benefit. If that data protection means a company won’t face fines for regulatory non-compliance or lose the trust of its customers, that’s an outcome.

Comparison Chart

To better visualize the difference between these three terms, let’s consider the following table:

Feature Benefit Outcome
Fuel-efficient engine Reduces fuel consumption Long-term savings and reduced environmental impact
Advanced encryption software Protects information and data Peace of mind and regulatory compliance
24/7 customer service Always-available support Reduced downtime and enhanced user experience


From Data to Real Value

The transition from feature to benefit and ultimately to outcome is essentially the process of taking the potential customer from a simple data or specification to understanding the real, tangible value of the product.

Case Study: Project Management Software

Feature: Integration with other popular software tools.

Benefit: No need to switch between different platforms, which saves time.

Result: More productive teams, faster project completion and higher ROI for the company.

Implementing in Marketing Strategies

For product marketing teams, understanding these concepts is just the first step. The real magic happens when they are effectively incorporated into marketing strategies and campaigns.

Audience Segmentation: By understanding what benefits and results are most valuable to specific segments of your audience, you can customize your message to resonate with them more effectively.

Content Creation: Whether it’s blogs, videos, webinars or brochures, focus on how your product or service improves the customer’s life.

Testimonials and Case Studies: These are perfect for illustrating results. A customer who can say, “Thanks to this product, we have increased our sales by 25%” is pure gold.


In the world of B2B product marketing, it is essential not to get caught up in features alone. While they are important, it is the benefit and ultimately the outcome that really sells. By clearly breaking down and understanding these differences, marketing teams can create more resonant, effective and successful campaigns.

This journey from feature to outcome is essential to converting prospects into real customers and getting them to understand, value and ultimately buy your product or service.

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