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Podcast, revolutionary marketing for your customers


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The podcast as a marketing tool allows you to improve your strategy and your content. Learn how to evaluate your metrics here.

There are a lot of different procedures to make your company stand out, and more and more come out thanks to how broad marketing can be today.

While we continue to try numerous tools to generate marketing strategies for our customers, we bring them to you so that you have the opportunity to grow with your podcast.

What is a podcast and what is its relationship to marketing?

These are audio recordings broadcast via the internet. They are no longer remote, their concept was created several years ago with the intention of generating a radio on demand, placed in a digital place, where the user could listen to their content of interest at any time.

Today podcasts have reached a boom in popularity and that is why marketing has come to consider them a powerful tool to create valuable content and connect with a specific audience.


Marketing metrics in a podcast

The podcast as a marketing tool allows you to evaluate a series of specific metrics from which you can get information about your abilities to improve your strategy and content.

In the digital environment almost everything is monitored, so you can know the number of views you have, your percentage of subscriptions, interpret the profiles of your potential customers and much more.

Here are some of the metrics you want to pay attention to:


1. Calculate my relevance

A great strategy to calculate how effective your podcast is to be able to manipulate your results, that is, give numerical values to each action, assigning greater value the more scope generates that reaction: 

For example:

  • 1 point I like.
  • 2 points to comments.
  • 5 points to shares or downloads.

Thus generating a numerical value corresponding to the current of your graph according to your criteria, which typically, should increase by 5% in each week to consider profitable.

Remember that an increase in interactions with your digital content is a growth in its relevance to the internet user.

2. Number of downloads

Within the actions discussed above, the number of times your podcast is downloaded is an important symbol. You must understand that obtaining the file for offline listening is a special gesture that represents interest on the part of the user.

Fact that should guide you when managing the same; your strategies of monetization or audience management, and impact your decision-making.

In general you can consider it favorable to observe increases in this metric of 10% per week.

3. Growth of the community

You should start a social network linked to your podcast.  In this way you could observe the development of your leads (followers or proactive listeners who interact regularly with your podcast and are able to attract other followers).

4. Web traffic and organic traffic

It is important that your podcast has a website because it will let us know the traffic it generates, how many people come to it and how they behave, as well as other content such as links, information and conclusions about your podcast.

For example, knowing the number of people who enter your website and compare it with the number of views of the content, will help you know the percentage of people who do not listen to your podcast after accessing it.

To analyze your site there is a considerable amount of tools that includes the famous Google Analytics, SEMrush and Ahrefs.

5. Your listeners are potential customers

Analyzing how many of your listeners and how many of your guests are potential customers on your podcast is important.   

A subscription form for those who were interested in buying or hiring you, is a good idea, so you can have quality contact and loyalty.

This allows you to estimate the generated value of your podcast based on the number of leads you’ve achieved (the sum of values your business has acquired in X time).

6. Number of guests

This is a decisive metric when it comes to knowing if we are going in a good direction.

Analyzing the number of guests who respond positively to your invitations can inform us if the program is going well or if it is necessary to give it a twist to have the desired effect. 

If you have an excess of options in terms of receptive guests, you should value the quality of the guests and try to work with those you consider best, this will raise the cache of your podcast, improving its visibility and reputation.

7. Conversion of guests

Analyze your program’s effective invitations and see how they relate to them. For this we will observe data such as the invitations we receive from the guests, the mentions they make us or any other type of association that may occur.

This metric is perhaps more subjective, but it will help to know that we are on the right track. It gives us an expansion of our network of contacts and potential partners.

It is also very important when generating leads, since it allows us to know what is the approximate percentage of conversion based on the guests we have had. 


Is there anything that draws your attention to podcasts in particular? How about using this tool? Do you want to know how to launch it? Any questions you have will be addressed in the comments and resolved in future articles.


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