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The Impact of CRM on B2B Goodwill: Deciphering Intangible Value

The Impact of CRM on B2B Goodwill

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The Hidden Value of CRM in B2B Goodwill: Beyond the Data

Having explored in previous articles the depth and breadth of data in a CRM and the external sources that can enrich these systems, it’s time to delve into a key piece for any B2B company: goodwill. This intangible, which reflects reputation, clientele, and the overall value that a company represents beyond its tangible assets, can be better understood and evaluated through the intelligent use of CRM.

1.Goodwill in B2B: A Vital Definition

 What is goodwill and why is it crucial?

Goodwill refers to the intangible value paid for in a business acquisition that exceeds the net value of the company’s assets and liabilities. It is a reflection of the trust, reputation and customer relationships that a company has built over the years.

2. CRM Data: The Bridge to Understanding Intangible Value

How Data Reveals the Goodwill Story

Modern CRMs, powered by external sources such as Google Trends, Google Analytics and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, offer deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences and loyalty. This information is vital to determining and increasing the value of goodwill.

3. External Tools and their Influence on Goodwill Evaluation

Google Trends and market perception

The popularity of search terms related to the company or industry can indicate the relevance and positioning of a brand in the market.

Google Analytics and customer loyalty

Analysis of user interaction with the website, dwell time and bounce rate can provide clues to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the Strength of B2B Relationships

By analyzing connections, recommendations and feedback on this platform, you can have an indicator of the strength and quality of business relationships.

4. Strategies for Maximizing Goodwill Using CRM

Personalization and Prediction

Use data to offer personalized solutions to your customers and anticipate their needs.

Monitoring and Adaptation

CRMs allow you to track trends and adapt your strategy to maintain and grow your reputation in the marketplace.


The digital age has transformed not only how we do business, but how we measure and value our most intangible assets. Through the intelligent and strategic use of CRMs and external data sources, B2B companies can get a clearer picture of their true value in the marketplace, allowing them to not only maintain but also increase their goodwill.

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