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What is a BANT method?

15 de mayo de 2019
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

This is a method created in the 70s, its aim is to qualify the sales opportunities based on 4 criteria:
– Budget
– Authority
– Need
– Time

It is advisable to use a rating scale for each criteria. In this case, in the end, the sum of the values obtained in each of the aspects will allow to establish a general qualification degree.

Here is an example for the Authority criterion:
0 – Has no authority
1 – Does not have authority but has the access to a person who does (gatekeeper)
2 – Has basic authority but can not make purchase decision alone (influencer)
3 – Has enough authority to make the purchase decision
4 – The authority is more than necessary to make the purchase decision

Authority is usually a controversial variable, because unlike others, such as the budget, which is always very clear and easy to measure, authority is not. Sometimes, even though the overall rating is very low, the business process may end up in a purchase.

This is partly due to the fact that today in many companies there is no longer a single decision maker, but several ones, and you will need to have the approval of all of them before you can move forward in the sales process. This means that you have to sell the product to different profiles, which you have to define and work out at the same time.

Once the sum of the values of the 4 criteria has been achieved and the general qualification is obtained, the qualification level may be determined, for example:

0 – 4        Disqualified
5 – 8        Poorly qualified
9 – 12      Qualified
13 – 18   Highly qualified

These qualification ranges are useful to establish actions to be carried out in each case.
In case of those who are disqualified, you may not spend any more time because the chances of a purchase are very low. The poorly qualified ones are probably worth nurturing (if there are resources) to build interest and find solutions to the existing pains. Talking about the qualified ones it is necessary to manage them step by step, whilst the highly qualified ones are to be given an immediate follow up in order to avoid loosing them to your competitors.

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