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Storydoing or how to live a story in first person

22 de octubre de 2021
Mariángeles Herrera

There are different marketing strategies, between them we have storydoing. It is not the same as storytelling. If you do not know this technique keep reading because we will help you understand it and how to implement it in your company. 

Storydoing is a strategy based on telling a story through the products and the brand. The company launches an experience that can be lived by the clients and in that fashion they fell part of it.  

Users are tired of being told stories. That is why, this technique helps you to make your consumer the main character. In this way, the company goes one step further and approaches the real story to the consumer.

The main premise of this technique is: “the facts count more than the words”. And, that is. Thanks to this technique the future buyers will be able to experiment different stories and to know the depths of a company.

What is more, if the experience is good enough it may go viral and will give the possibility of free advertising in the media. This technique is a good way of trapping the consumer through a story. On the other hand, it needs to have some special characteristics:

Values and brand story

Not speak directly about the product

Connect emotionally


The company will be benefited by implementing this system:

  • Simplify new ideas
  • Motivation of the audience
  • Creating a community
  • Improving the reputation and credibility of the company
  • Improving the positioning on the mind of the consumers
  • Impeller of clients recommendations
  • Improving the benefits of the investment in publicity
  • Revolution in the world of marketing
  • Generating engagement
  • Impact on the social media

Differences between the storytelling and the storydoing

At first they may seem the same thing, but they are two techniques completely different. The storytelling tries to call to the feelings and get to the user through the values of the brand. In exchange, the storydoing translates the action to the values of the brand so the user lives them first hand. 

One of the biggest differences is living the story first hand. Though the storytelling looks for the feelings of the user so he could feel identified, it does not achieve that the consumer feels those emotions as its own.

On the other hand, the objectives, to a company level are completely different so they can take part in the same advertising campaign, but they do not achieve the same goal. They may be combined on the same strategy.

This may be very positive because it gives the possibility to tell a story and that the consumer lives it. These types of strategies are useful but they need to be created with moderation to not saturate the consumer. 

Strategies to follow

The main strategy that a company must follow in order to implement this technique is to fulfill the needs of the consumers. In this way, they will feel that their petitions are listened to and answered.

The way of knowing all their desires is in our hands. Social media today is a crucial point to keep in contact with the users and to know their needs. In this way, there will be more understanding between the company and the client.

One of the most essential elements at the moment of starting storytelling is creativity. Thanks to the occurrence of ideas of the workers, some elements differentiate from the rest can be performed. 

The surprise factor is another element to take into account. That means, if the client foresees the content of the strategy he will not have so much interest. 

What is more, when companies move these types of strategies they need to think in the decision making of the consumer. Thanks to that factor, clients feel special in the story.

Importance of storydoing

Consumers wait for the companies to give them differentiating elements and that they be the main characters. In the last years the personalization of the products has been a tart element used by many publicity campaigns.

Thanks to this element the business have achieved engaging the clients and relaunch their companies with unique products. The storytelling is more popular now thanks to the good results it gives.

The story is a key point to have success with this type of campaign. If the story is interesting, the client feels represented and they experiment with good emotions, the success is guaranteed.

If you have not tried this strategy yet and you have a good creative team, you should not doubt. Start working on an idea that can differentiate from the rest and that is adaptable to your product. Nowadays the personalization of a product is key to be successful.

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