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LinkedIn automation tools analysis

16 de abril de 2020
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

LinkedIn is an essential platform to grow your online business easily. The platform has been growing since its launch. With more than 106 million people accessing the platform monthly, it is clear that the latter can offer more and more each day.

So it makes sense to spend more time and effort trying to grow your company on LinkedIn. Luckily, thanks to LinkedIn bots, or the so called social selling tools, this procedure can be simplified, as they help automate the various functions that exist.

Bots, especially for LinkedIn, have had a huge impact on the platform, most of them making sure that LinkedIn’s normal activities and operations are automated. Operations like finding connections and generating more potential leads are not a big concern now. This is due to amazing bots that have changed the entire marketing game.

How? Most bots work as a browser extension, allowing us to automate the following tasks:

  • search with specific parameters
  • access searched LinkedIn results and profiles
  • export those results in the form of a .CSV file
  • post, interact, send invitations to other people
  • etc.

Features that HelloMrLead requires for its workflow in Outbound campaigns:

  • Import of .CSV files (the prepared databases) in the tool
  • LinkedIn profile import
  • Incorporate Blacklist – the list of prospects that the client for some reason does not want to impact (either because they are a direct competition, current clients or something else).
  • Flexibility and possibility of adding different clients and email accounts. As a HelloMrLead agency we have multiple clients and it is inevitable that sometimes sectors and positions cross, therefore we cannot use the same account for everyone. We don’t work with direct competition, but for example, there are many solutions from different vendors interested in contacting CEOs of eCommerce brands.
  • Send automated connection and follow-up messages. With dozens of campaigns running it is impossible for us to send messages manually in each case.
  • Allow 1st grade campaigns. These are campaigns designed to impact the personal contacts the client already has on their LinkedIn.
  • Different labels (snippets) for the personalization of messages. Due to mass mailing, we try to use labels such as «name», «company», «sector» and others to personalize the message and avoid looking like spam.
  • Reasonable cost
  • Exportable campaign statistics in the form of a Dashboard to keep the client informed of the progress of the campaigns.

We have to mention that previous scrapping is always made with Sales Navigator. Then we export the file and apply our own formulas and filters to clean up the acquired database, since there are errors in position, industry and other crucial parameters. It is also important to cross-check the document with the Blacklist so as not to impact the unwanted contacts. And once done, IMPORT the file to the tool.

Based on everything said we have analyzed the tools available on the market. As a result, we’ve obtained the conclusions shown in a more graphic and understandable way in the table below:

LinkedIn automation tools

Let’s see these (and other) functions with a major precision, as it is not that simple to analyse a tool as it may seem.

Dux-Soup :

It’s a particularly powerful bot that you can use with LinkedIn that actually gained fame for one particular feature: its ability to generate leads. Of course, finding and interacting with potential leads is one of the most important parts of being on LinkedIn, and Dux-Soup can help make this task easy.

Dux Soup has currently helped over 45,000 people with their LinkedIn connections, which we think is quite impressive.

Like LinkedHelper, its configuration is very basic and simple, below we will mention the most important of its functions.

Dux soup find prospects

Source: Dux Soup

Find prospects: As you can see in the image, these functions are clearly related to the support, when it mentions .CSV previously downloaded, they are profiles that have already been visited… But we will have to keep an eye on it because we already know the search weaknesses of Sales Navigator.

Dux Soup Auto Engage


It’s essential to point out that all these functions Linked Helper offers for half a price.

Dux-Soup can also help you with the management of potential clients through the notes and labels in the profiles that you have already seen so that you can connect with them later if you wish. This is a great way to keep it organized. One of the best features that Dux-Soup has to offer is its first-class customer service, it is always only a few minutes away from the user.

Auto filter Dux soup

These filters we have not seen useful in the flow and daily activity of HelloMrLead, the first google filter we can solve with a simple scrapping. And the profiles already visited are not of interest. One because we will already be in contact with them. And two because they are apparently not interested, cannot make the decision, are no longer in that company or in that position etc.

The theme of labels, profile notes and lists are functions that Sales Navigator already offers.

Additional functions that Plan Turbo offers

There are several integrations with Zapier and/o Hubspot, such as receiving messages, notifications, viewing profile visits. But they do not seem relevant to us, since we have no need to contract a Zapier / Hubspot additionally, all the leads that enter our current CRM are qualified leads.

zapier hubspot

The above list in the image could be the only reason to consider the Dux-Ыoup Turbo for HelloMrLead, however Zopto offers it in the basic plan, along with other more extensive functionalities.


This cloud-based software comes with full automation for a LinkedIn profile. This means that they can help you market and advertise on your LinkedIn at full speed without having to pay too much.

For instance, Zopto social selling tool can help you by filtering the best customers for your brand so that you can spend time focusing only on them and not waste it with those who would not be interested. With Zopto, you can easily see other people’s profiles, connect to new users directly, set up automatic sequential campaigns, perform A/B testing.

Zopto advantages:

  • A main thing for HelloMrLead is, as we have already mentioned above, being able to import our already cleaned, verified and ordered database to decrease the percentage of errors, increase the precision of campaigns, segment them by roles, sectors, company sizes, etc.

Zopto paid plans

Source: Zopto
  • Zopto even has three easy-to-understand and navigate price plans, starting at $215 and up to $895. Although this tool is one of the most expensive, it allows advanced analysis of campaigns, complete statistics in the form of dashboard.

Zopto dashboard

The latter verifies its usefulness when sending reports (monthly or weekly) to the client, since the information presented in graphic form is digestible and easy to analyze. On top of that, it is the only tool that offers statistics as such.

  • As a consequence there is a possibility of developing A/B testing, which allows to segment the campaigns, compare the results and analyze the actions taken.
  • Additionally it offers high conversion templates and video tutorials. It should also be mentioned that support and customer service is a strong side of Zopto, for example, we ask to increase the amount of custom tags (snippets) to address the prospecting needs we have from HelloMrLead.
  • Access in the cloud. For the reasons of internal organization, it is extremely convenient that several people can access the solution from different locations and also have the possibility of managing accounts without losing information. Solutions that operate in the form of a browser extension can store some (or all) of information on the same computer. In this case it is impossible to divide the tasks between the parts of the team that works remotely.


Now, to complete our tool analysis, let’s talk about LinkedHelper. This Chrome extension is very useful for the purposes of prospecting, lead generation and offers the same functionalities as Dux-Soup for the lowest price on the market – $15 per month. It has been included in the analysis to demonstrate its obvious economic advantage over other solutions analyzed. However, as we have already seen, they are not enough for the outbound campaigns that we set up in HelloMrLead, since it does not offer follow-up messages or the possibility of importing our own database.

However, there is a functionality that LinkedHelper has and other tools do not: endorsements. These will be received consistently by your contacts, which will possibly encourage them to respond to the favor and rate your business highly.


With LinkedIn automation tools, you can spend your time and effort on the right and valuable leads without spamming the wrong ones. Managing 2-3 leads manually is totally normal, but when the number  increases, reaching each of them can be a complex task. In such cases, LinkedIn automation tools prove themselves useful. Most of them allow you to connect with the right lead in the LinkedIn sales browser. In addition, you can extract their emails to obtain more diversity in your communication with potential clients.

These tools work non-invasively and save time and effort. They are empowering companies to do things in innovative ways that had not been thought of before.

Our recommendation:

  • Treat LinkedIn the way you treat your domain and email account: with care, regular cleanings, without exposing yourself to attacks and data breaches
  • Work with Metrics always
  • Use secure tools, avoid Chrome extensions
  • Always do A/B tests
  • Create cadences, not just sequences
  • Be omnichannel, manage blacklists and use a CRM in the prospecting process to visualize how you are performing the different Touch Points routine with the potential client.

… And for all this, we recommend without a doubt,

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