What does voicemarketing consist of?

In the last decade, audiovisual content has taken a leading role in our lives. Most people prefer this type of content, especially the younger ones. Voice marketing is one of the marketing strategies that are emerging in the business world.

This type of strategy is based on highlighting sound instead of images or video. In this way, audio can appeal to feelings and provoke emotions in the listener. Thanks to this technique, the listener will remember the audio content more strongly.

Podcasts are one of the most booming contents in recent times. Most companies have implemented this type of information as it attracts a large audience of all ages.

Audio is booming thanks to the podcast trend and is attracting more and more young people. Although radio could be considered the same format, the latter is experiencing growth as it can be listened to at any time and adapts to the lives of listeners.

Advantages of a voicemarketing strategy

The proximity and flexibility provided by voicemarketing are just some of the reasons why you should consider implementing this content in your company. Here is a list that will help you decide if this type of information is suitable for your company.



Although the most popular type of content are podcasts, due to its boom in recent years, there are numerous formats in which you can publish your content. Here are some of the platforms you can choose depending on your needs, those of your audience and the market.

This type of format is ideal for promoting purchases focused on a company’s customers, as it can address various specific topics. It also helps to build consumer loyalty and to promote the emergence of a business sector.

  • Audiobook.

This format is perfect for companies involved in the cultural, entertainment or elearning sectors. In recent years it has been in great demand as it encourages readers in the cultural field.

  • Audiogram.

This format is the combination of audio with graphics, it is the perfect element for your consumers to understand certain more complicated information or to promote it in email marketing.

When you decide to create this type of content you must take into account the budget you have. Although this format is usually quite cheap since you only have to create the content and upload it, you should think about the equipment you will need to create good content.

Depending on the format you choose your budget will increase or be quite low. In our case we recommend you to start with podcasts as they have a great reception and a low budget.

Growth and trends

This technique is experiencing a remarkable boom due to audience segmentation. As we have mentioned, one of the star elements is the podcast. The advertising investment of the past 2020 made this format had an increase of 36.8%.

By 2023 this sector is expected to exceed 2 billion in revenue. For this reason, corporate podcasts grew in 2020 as almost 600 were launched. In 2021, the figure reached 8,000 in August and this is due to the good valuation of this type of content by users.

As we all know this world is constantly growing and is positioned as one of the best channels to expand the audience and reach a larger number of users. The important thing when launching this content is to choose several platforms to reach more audience.

If you are looking for a new niche market that works, bet on voicemarketing as it is in continuous evolution towards new subscription models that will improve your company’s advertising revenue.


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