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Lead generation: what it is and how do we make it work

December 17th 2017

How does our own methodology work?

In HelloMrLead we open the market for you and let you be known.

Gli antibiotici senza ricetta sono noti per essere tra i mezzi più forti per trattare un’infezione batterica. Tenga presente che un gran numero di antibiotici richiede una prescrizione. Spesso il medico prescrive diversi rimedi per diversi batteri, motivo per cui dovresti assolutamente contattare il nostro medico online.

If you’ve got a tech company and your resources are limited but you definitely need to sell, here we are. Imagine how your sales could go up if we were to arrange you everyday meetings with your target audience interested , at the same time, in your product.

HelloMrLead is the answer to your needs, if:

  • You have an exceptional product aimed to a very specific b2b market.
  • You have already defined your target and you are clear about the «buyer person».
  • Prospecting is not your thing or simply your opportunity cost is very high.
  • You prefer to spend all your time making demos and closing deals.

You and your time are worth way more than we are going to charge you, and it’s not worth investing in digging into the tools we use because of the "learning curve

That’s why we put «your hat» on and using your corporate email and LinkedIn profiles apply the most innovative social selling and outbound techniques. And more! We are quite confident in our work and that you’ll be satisfied, for which we will only charge the leads once delivered and validated by you.

«The four «S»of success»

Our aim is to help you sell and that is why we have created a sequence of 4 steps to meet your needs.


We develop a value proposition for your company and help you сarve out a niche that suits


We locate the geographic areas that fit your goal


We prioritize your customers based on your purchase cycle and interest in your company

Social Selling:

We design your web content strategy so that your sector sees you as a reference

Funnel BANT

HelloMrLead is managing business opportunities through a rigorous methodology based on the BANT pillars (image): :

  • Budget – we verify that your client’s budget is adequate.
  • Authority – that the contact person has the authority to make decisions regarding the purchase.
  • Need – we find out the «pains» of the client and face them.
  • Time – the time interval that is dedicated to the decision process and closing of the sale has to be appropriate.

BANT and lead generation

This tightly adjusted process allows us to be sure that when we schedule a meeting the prospect is aligned with the defined target and once the lead has passed through the narrowest funnel possible he is ready to meet you and follow up with the proposal.


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