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5 digital marketing tools your company should use

March 15th 2022
Mariángeles Herrera

When implementing a marketing strategy, the main thing is to establish clear objectives to achieve so that all departments can concentrate on it. But, with the existence of different work areas, it is necessary to be connected and work as a team.

Here lies the question of which tools are the right ones for the operation of each department. Here are 5 digital tools that will make your life easier and help you achieve the growth you dream of.



Google Analytics

This tool is as useful as it is feared in companies. The knowledge of Google Analytics is complex but the benefits it represents for the company are worth the a lot of time invested in learning how to use it.

This is a tool created to analyze the web through statistics, SEO strategy and optimization of marketing purposes. With this tool you will have total control of your company through the data obtained.

It is free and allows both small and multinational companies to register. When we register, the analysis of our website begins, so we will have access to the information from that moment on.

Its implementation is very simple: a Javascript tag is inserted in each page, this way analytics will be able to analyze the data and collect it for you to access in real time. Some of the advantages you will find in Google Analytics are:

  • Visualization and monitoring through a simple, interactive dashboard.
  • Filtering of information.
  • Segmentation of data such as conversions.
  • Personalized reports focused on acquisition,behavior, advertising and conversion.
  • Integration with other useful tools in companies such as Google Ads, Salesforce, Data Studio or Search Console.

Thanks to the information that you will obtain in this program you will be able to know in depth how your consumers’ offer them interesting products for them. In addition, we will know your personality, hobbies or elements to take into account by the company.


One of more used in the business world. It’s one of the CRM more known of the moment and it will help you to automatize the tools that you use in your company. This way, it will be possible to configure all of the same application.

The main objective is to educate your customers in order to use this platform, have several tutorials on their website where they explain in a practical way the usage of the website. You will can to have access to tools which help you to handle:

  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Landing page
  • Marketing automation
  • Email
  • Data analysis
  • Call to action
  • Potential leads control

It has countless advantages like the creation of formularies to recruit potential customers; sending marketing campaigns; consumers’behavior analysis. There exists a paid version that will provide you tools more advanced like social media control and email tracking .



This service focused on marketing email will help you to create an attractive and useful newsletter. The editor is intuitive and easy to use so it will not be necessary to realize any formation course.

In contrast to other applications, you don’t need knowledge of programming or design because you will have templates with different themes. Its interface has created designs, you will not use the much hated HTML. Count with different benefits as:

  • Unlimited contacts store.
  • Attractive designs.
  • Message personalization.
  • A/B testing.
  • Email automation.
  • Metrics tracking.

These functions will help to create campaigns of attractive email and relevant to every type of audience to count with in your company.



This program of design allows you to create your own graphics as templates of all types ( business presentations, reports, greeting cards, instagram stories, feed post and headers for your blog.

The using of this will not require a previous knowledge of design thanks to the utility and facility of your interface. In contrast to Photoshop you will not need to know the tools to count with so all is on a simple sight and it has a guide that will help you to begin.

In order to use, it is essential to create an account in which all the designs you set up will be saved. Thanks to this you will not lose any information as it has an automatic saving system.

It has numerous advantages as the mentioned next:

  • Easy use and gratuit version.
  • Documents free of law.
  • Integration with peers’ emails for work in team.




Slack is focused on business application which put it in contact workers of the same company. Its working is similar to whatsapp because you can talk in privado with a person or in a group, in this case department.

Slack is a space for meetings, chats, telephone directory for all teams. It is a place to coordinar , collaborate and be in contact with your peers. Also, counts with different plans which adapt to your needs:

  • Free

Aimed to companies which are beginning.

  • Pro

More control for small teams which want to improve their collaboration.

  • Business

Expand your business, increase productivity and keep your teams connected.

  • Enterprise

Slack for complex companies - with the flexibility and power to meet your regulatory requirements and grow at your own pace.

Slack connect

Thanks to this internal tool of this application you will can put in contact with your customers and not use mobile devices. This way you will can separate your labor market and professionals conversations will be saved, To setting up 4 steps are necessary:

  1. Creating a channel

Click the More button next to the channels in your left sidebar. Type in the name of the channel and click Create.

  1. Send a invitation

Invite your collaborator directly from Slack. If you use the Business+ or Enterprise Grid plan, you can also copy and share the link provided.

  1. Wait to collaborator

When they click on the link, they will be taken back to Slack to accept and set up a channel on their own.

  1. Obtain approval of administeror

Depending on your settings, the invitation will be sent to an administrator of each team for approval.


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